Ways to Attract More Blog Readers

It’s a dream for every blogger that his readers want more content from his blog. This dream is only possible when you present your content in a way that impresses you. You should focus on some things that will mark the minds of your readers. It may seem like an easy job, but it is not.


Ways to Attract More Blog Readers

Anticipating the minds of readers is very difficult, so the only option is to make the content more interesting all the time. Below are seven hackers that will help you create engaging content for your readers, hoping your new content will find something amazing.


Use Short and Precise Videos


Videos have become the new reading magnet. They attract readers quickly and allow them to stay until the end of the video. If the video is entertaining and short and accurate, readers would like to see more similar videos that meet their needs in a short period. The trend “1-minute video” is becoming very popular. Readers love it because it does not waste a lot of time and gives them what they like in a concise time.


Related Blog Post


A supplement is always recommended for the corresponding publication. By posting a list of related articles, you will encourage readers to read more and more articles on their blog. Even if you forget to mention the internal links, the associated message plugin will do the job. Related messages act as a magnet to grab the attention of readers. If you have a fitness blog, posting about exercise for flabby arms with dumbbells will surely get attention as its one of the most difficult body part to slim down.


Purple Cow


A purple cow is someone whose content is shareable, memorable and highly commented on the Internet. To do this, you need to deepen the roots of your brand and emerge with the things that differentiate it from others. Create materials in the brand that are memorable, unique and stand out from the crowd.


Navigation site


The bad navigation of the site is one of the main reasons why the readers do not come back. Illogical, hidden or cumbersome menus irritate readers and prevent them from finding good content. When they can find any additional item, they will leave the site after seeing the article that brought the readers to the site in the first place. Find ways to implement simple navigation elements on your site.


Go long with blog content


Long content is always preferred because it provides complete information. However, the data should be well structured only for readers to find it interesting. The content should be divided into sections and include clickable links to access the desired section. Also, going long does not mean that you have sweet things. Your content should be informative and useful from top to bottom.


Fast loading


Slow sites are repellent to the reader. You must have a high-speed site that has a fantastic loading time to impress your readers. In addition to annoying your readers, a slow loading time also affects the SERP. Also, waiting readers can move to other sites to find the solution they are looking for. Several tools will help you test the speed of your site.


Ads prohibited


Most blogs have ads on their site to monetize it. When ads are an excellent form of monetization, they also cause damage to your blog. They slow down your blog, and too many ads irritate your readers. More ads equal less content space. In case the constant area is smaller, readers would not love your blog. Readers generally prefer blogs with excellent readability and less distraction. Once you have given them a blog without distractions, they will eventually return to your blog continuously.




While these hacks will help you retain your readers, there are also some technical factors, such as SEO, that you should keep in mind so that you can find new readers over time. Review the basic concepts of your blog to see where it takes and change it to impact readers.